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Block Ice Plant

Get through Block Ice Plant which is a commercial ice-making facility that makes large blocks of ice. These ice blocks are commonly used for a variety of purposes, including food and beverage cooling, industrial processes, and even construction. The size and capacity of these plants can vary depending on the application and production requirements. Right now, Block Ice Plant is available in a few ranges like Automatic Ice Block Maker Machine, and Block Ice Plant. A refrigeration system is typically used to freeze water into large blocks, which are then harvested and stored in insulated containers or rooms to prevent melting.
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Block Ice Plant

Price: 1000000 INR

We are the leading manufacturer of Ammonia Ice Block Making machine in Pune. We are well known for our quality based products. We are enabled to supply our Ammonia Ice Block Making machine to all over the country at very reasonable rates. We have well trained Engineers in our Company. Our main moto is to provide best maintenance free Ammonia Ice Block Making machine to our esteemed clients

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Automatic Ice Block Maker Machine

An Automatic Ice Block Maker Machine is a machine that produces ice blocks for a variety of applications. Depending on the model, the machine is designed to freeze water in a specific shape and size, usually rectangular or square. These ice cubes are commonly used in commercial settings such as supermarkets, restaurants, and bars. Automatic Ice Block Maker Machine works by circulating water through a refrigerated freezing chamber. When the ice blocks are completely formed, they are removed from the machine and placed in an ice bin for later use.


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