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Ammonia Refrigeration Compressor

We are offering you the perfect quality Ammonia Refrigerant Compressors which are compact in design . These compressors are widely demanded by the clients for their numerous attributes robust construction, high efficiency, low maintenance, easy installation and many more. Ammonia Refrigerant Compressors can be categorized into various types such as Pneumatic, Industrial, Commercial , Heavy Duty, etc which are suitable for certain purposes such as cold storage, gas & chemical process plants, etc. Furthermore, these are well designed which also works with several other refrigerants like R-22, Ammonia, and so on which makes them highly durable. Apart from this, the range of these compressors are from 600rpm to 1390rpm.
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Ammonia Water Cooled Compressors

Price: 200000 INR/Box

Single Stage 4 Cylinder Capacity kW:441.71 Capacity TR :125.58 Shaft Power BkW :97.70

Product Image (IS-200)

Ammonia Air Cooled Compressor

Price: 200000 INR/Box

mmonia Air Cooled Compressor IS Series The IS series is a design contributing to a large field of operation and lower installation cost, without the need for additional water cooling circuits. All designed to work efficiently in almost any type of industrial refrigeration installation for cooling or freezing applications.

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Compressor Package Unit

Price: 200000 INR/Box

INTRODUCTION Metalex compressor package unit comprises of compressor with all accessories and electric motor mounted on a common base frame. This compressor runs with the help of a drive set consisting of fly wheel, motor pulley and V belts. Control Panel and Oil separator are also mounted on the skid. Belt guard is also provided as standard accessory. The advantage of Direct Drive or Packaged unit compressors, duly assembled and tested in the factory, is that cumbersome foundation is not required. It can simply be placed on hard and plain surface and can be hooked to the refrigeration system.

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Ammonia Single Cylinder Compressor

Price: 300000.00 - 1200000.00 INR

Single Stage 1 Cylinder Capacity kW :110.40 Capacity TR : 31.38 Shaft Power BkW : 24.90


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